The Giant Builders
Join us weekly as we discuss the four building blocks of life; Spirituality, Health, Family, and Business.
Lynette Robinson
April 26, 2022 • 26 MIN
Lynette Robinson
Liz Paolone
April 19, 2022 • 31 MIN
Liz Paolone
April 12, 2022 • 14 MIN
Kare Maryn
April 5, 2022 • 21 MIN
Kare Maryn
Michelle makelo-balo
March 29, 2022 • 13 MIN
Michelle makelo-balo
Facebook Tips
March 22, 2022 • 26 MIN
A copy of my chamber meeting
Business Mindset Mastery Coaching Benefits - Garin Dem
March 8, 2022 • 14 MIN
Hosted by Lois Wyant, The Giant Builders is an engaging podcast that strives to empower listeners to achieve more in their work and home life. The latest video release centers on business, one of the four content blocks of the podcast’s mission. Video option can be found at
Travel Tips with Official Gotta Go Travel LLC
March 1, 2022 • 11 MIN
Ann Miller from Official Gotta Go Travel LLC, share some travel tips to consider and her suggestions for the best types of vacations. If you prefer video visit:
Eliminating Subconscious Blockages - Jillian Schleger
February 22, 2022 • 25 MIN
In this newly released episode, Lois brings on Jillian as a guest to talk about her career as an educator, author, holistic healer, and mindset coach. Video is available at
Work/Life Balance For Professional Women - Leadership Coaching
February 15, 2022 • 13 MIN
Continuing its commitment to offering relevant educational videos for the public, The Giant Builders announces its newest interview with Britton McDermott, a leadership coach for women. In the 16-minute video, McDermott talks about how women often feel that they have to be “everything” in order to feel “successful. Video details can be found at:
Self-Care Tips For Women/Skincare Entrepreneur
February 8, 2022 • 21 MIN
The new episode features a conversation between The Giant Builders’ founder, Lois Wyant, and a veteran consultant of the leading skincare company, Rodan and Fields. You can find the perfect skincare for you at: See video version at:
Handmade Door Wreaths - Perfect Decor/Gift Idea For Holidays, Realtors or Birthdays
February 1, 2022 • 11 MIN
The organization's newly announced video report is recommended for those who want to purchase a wreath to decorate their front door, as a present or great for realtors for a new homebuyer and support a small business at the same time. Video episode at:
John Limbocker SEO Expert For Local Businesses - Top Visibility
January 25, 2022 • 14 MIN
John Limbocker is the founder and CEO of Internet Dominators, a marketing automation company that generates more traffic and leads for clients. In the new video, he discusses his cutting-edge Site Pop tool that can drive increased engagement. See the tool at: The video version can be found at:
CBD Hemp Oil Natural Wellness Product 2022
January 18, 2022 • 20 MIN
The new episode by podcast host Lois Wyant features an interview with Brian Wilson of Zilis LLC and discusses the launch of UltraGlow powder sticks and their benefits, which can be found on the site: Designed to support the body’s natural processes, Zilis products are made from organic, Oregon-grown hemp and third-party tested to ensure customer safety.
Breast Cancer Survivors Interview - Motivation/Support For Women
January 11, 2022 • 26 MIN
In the newly released episode, Lois talks to a panel of three women about their fight with breast cancer and the fear surrounding this life-changing experience. More information is available at
Memory Specialist, Rena Yudkowsky
January 4, 2022 • 20 MIN
Rena Yudkowsky shares tips on how to keep your memory alert. You can contact her at: Or get free resources at:
Homeless to Mindset Coach - Bonnie Hardie
December 28, 2021 • 25 MIN
Bonnie Hardie went from homeless to mindset coach, see how she is impacting the world around her.
Shocking Marriage Author Jerry McColgin
December 21, 2021 • 19 MIN
The author of Shocking Marriage gives some marriage tips
eCommerce with Victoria Scudder
December 14, 2021 • 11 MIN
eCommerce tips with Victoria Scudder
Business Coach Elaine Turso
December 7, 2021 • 20 MIN
Elaine Turso gives great advice for business owners - get stuff done!
My Personal Story of 2020
November 30, 2021 • 23 MIN
Sharing my personal story of 2020.
Children's Toys and Clothing with Mari Wyant, eCommerce
November 23, 2021 • 20 MIN
Mari Wyant shares information about her eCommerce store,
Rosie The Farm Truck / Tips To Be An Author
November 23, 2021 • 15 MIN
Victoria Scudder shares how to become a book author and background on her most recent children's book "Rosie the Farm Truck"
Weight Loss Specialist - Dr. Jennifer Whirley-Diaz
November 23, 2021 • 19 MIN
Dr. Whirley-Diaz shares her medical expertise for weight loss program and tips to get through the holidays.
The Introduction
November 16, 2021 • 8 MIN
An Introductory episode sharing the goals and purpose of The Giant Builders. Building on the four building blocks for a successful and happy life; spiritual, health, family, and business. Please follow us on FB: If you are a visual person we are also on YouTube:
Book Review: New Rules of Marketing & PR
November 16, 2021 • 10 MIN
This is a book review of New Rules of Marketing & PR Book Review. An excellent book.