The Giant Builders
Manifesting Your Dream Life
March 28, 2023
Spiritually Inspired is Sara Rae’s podcast and brand. She is an author, manifesting coach, and crystal reiki master. Video option:
Sara Rae wants everyone to know how to deliberately manifest their dream life! It's so much easier (and more important) than most people realize.

Sara Rae is most passionate about teaching people how to empower themselves by ditching victimhood, control, perfectionism and fears around uncertainty. Everything she does and teaches is inherently spiritual and magical!

She is a manifesting coach, author and podcaster.


00:00 Manifesting Your Dream Life
01:36 What is New Age?
02:55 How does this help us manifest our life dreams?
03:44 What type of steps to take to get to know yourself better?
06:11 Is changing the mindset getting you closer to your dream life?
06:30 Four steps to manifesting
09:52 What does a first meeting look like?
11:20 Is there a common theme that keeps people from reaching their dream life?
11:50 Is there any alignment with your journey to a Christian journey?
13:22 Types of timing
14:38 What happens if a manifestation would be considered evil?
19:20 The law of attraction is always an action

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