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Hearing God's Voice: The Secret to Success in Entrepreneurship
November 28, 2023
In this enlightening episode of "Giant Builders with Lois Wyant," we delve into the transformative world of entrepreneurship guided by divine wisdom. Our special guest, Katie Hammond, a Christian Life Coach, shares her profound insights on the intersection of spirituality and business. Join us as we explore the powerful influence of the Holy Spirit in shaping your entrepreneurial journey.
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Katie's journey into becoming a Radiant Woman, as she describes herself, began with a divine revelation. She explains the moment when she received the word "radiate" from the Lord and embarked on a mission to help female entrepreneurs harness their inner radiance. This episode is a window into the concept of creating waves of positive change in the world by exuding your God-given brilliance.

Katie reveals how her coaching approach differs from conventional business strategies. She emphasizes the pivotal role of establishing a direct connection with the Holy Spirit as the foundation of your business endeavors. By aligning your vision with God's guidance, you can redefine success, seamlessly navigate your entrepreneurial path, and truly live the life you've always dreamt of. Join us in uncovering the secrets to thriving in both your business and your spiritual journey.

00:00 Introduction to the concept of starting every session with a guided encounter session
01:12 The importance of beginning with an encounter with Jesus and receiving His guidance
02:10 Explaining the process of guided Holy Spirit encounters
03:44 The significance of seeking wisdom from the Holy Spirit
05:04 Comparing daily devotionals to having a conversation with the Holy Spirit
07:25 The initial meeting with the coach and the foundational focus on hearing from the Holy Spirit
08:45 The biggest thing people miss in building their business
10:01 Encouragement for women to step into entrepreneurship and pursue their dreams

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