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The Positive Aspects of Music
May 18, 2023
James Daly is not what people think of when they picture a 'classical musician' and that is a perfect encapsulation of San Ramon Academy of Music. His school shows their students they can become anything they want if they embrace their true authentic selves with confidence. Video option:
Despite being a lifelong musician, his life circumstances had put him in a position many similar youths find themselves in. Before turning 17 he was a high school dropout, working full-time, and living on his own. Yet, it was a dedication to music that inspired him to pursue higher education to fulfill his potential.

Despite the odds, he achieved a full scholarship to UC Berkeley for piano. From there he graduated with honors in 2012 and has been teaching for the last decade. His unique approach to instruction gained such notoriety he opened the San Ramon Academy of Music in 2018. Music has given him so much and it is his mission to give back to every student that takes lessons at San Ramon Academy of Music.

In 2020 he also started the brand Powerful Piano to provide free learning resources and champion the power of classical music to minorities such as himself and other people that would not normally interact with it.

00:00 Introduction
00:51 San Ramon Academy of Music
00:57 YouTube channel to help improve piano playing
01:47 Classical music
02:34 His personal barriers that he overcame
08:40 What are the goals for the academy?
12:07 How do you balance between artistic and business minds?
15:26 What is the first meeting for a student like?
18:21 How to sign up for more information or for lessons?
19:51 Closing Thoughts - very good!

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