The Giant Builders
Resilience Rising: Lahaina's Journey from Ashes to Hope
August 24, 2023
In this emotionally charged episode, host Lois Wyant engages in a poignant conversation with her guest, Josh, as he shares his personal account of the devastating wildfires that swept through Lahaina, Maui. As a resident of the affected area, Josh recounts the heart-wrenching moments of evacuation, the frantic efforts to safeguard his family and property, and the profound impact of witnessing his beloved community consumed by the flames. Through Josh's raw and candid narrative, listeners gain a firsthand understanding of the chaos, fear, and resilience that define the experience of surviving a natural disaster.
Amidst the rubble and ashes, this episode delves into the resilient human spirit that emerges in the aftermath of tragedy. Lois and Josh explore the ways in which the community has united to support one another, demonstrating unwavering strength in the face of immense loss. Their conversation sheds light on the complex emotions that come with rebuilding lives and homes, offering a powerful reflection on the bonds that hold families and communities together, even when faced with the most formidable challenges. Join Lois and Josh as they honor the stories of survival, share lessons learned, and inspire hope through their shared exploration of the profound journey toward healing and recovery.

Doing what we can to help.  My husband and I have a gallery and the proceeds from our Maui collection will be donated to organizations that are helping the fire victims, please visit:

00:07 Introduction: A personal reflection on the lasting worry of a mother for her children.
02:18 Welcome to "Giant Builders": The four pillars of focus – spirituality, health, family, and business.
04:55 Introducing Josh and Lahaina's Tragedy: The recent challenges faced by a grown-up child and his family.
07:20 The Start of the Devastation: An account of the early signs of the impending wildfire and its progression.
10:55 Escaping the Flames: The urgency and decision-making process amid the wildfire's rapid spread.
14:27 Aftermath and Survival: Describing the impact on Lahaina's infrastructure, the challenges faced by displaced families, and the search for loved ones.
17:15 The Rebuilding Efforts: Government support, recovery efforts, and the journey to reconstructing Lahaina.
20:10 The Emotional Toll: Reflecting on the emotional impact of the disaster on individuals, especially children.
23:09 A Prayer for Lahaina: A moment of reflection and unity for healing and restoration.
24:18 Community Resilience: The strength of the community and the determination to rebuild despite hardships.
27:02 Expressing Gratitude and Hope: Finding support, resources, and the determination to move forward.
29:42 Future Challenges and Rebuilding: The long road ahead and the process of healing and reconstruction.
31:38 Ending on a Hopeful Note: The power of unity, faith, and shared experiences to overcome adversity.

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