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Celebrating Episode #50 and One Year, What I Have Learned
November 10, 2022
This is my 50th episode and will be one year anniversary next week. I have learned so much and in this episode, I share some of the things I've learned and what's ahead for "The Giant Builders". YouTube Versio:
Celebrating Episode #50 and One Year, What I have learned
YouTube Version

00:00 Celebrating episode #50
00:39 Coach said "Do it"
01:01 Speakers responded
01:26 Mindset coach that had me crying
01:38 Guest that survived cancer
01:50 Guests that are advocates for family members
02:14 Guests that survived narcissistic relationships
02:24 The Giant Builders' four pillars
02:26 Spiritual pillar
02:36 How do you recognize God's voice?
03:02 Health pillar
03:15 Healing ability of food
03:23 Honored that Michael J Fox shares his story and his concern for my family.
03:52 Christine Applegate, using her platform to talk about MS, that is my struggle
04:11 Sharing a diet plan that I am using to battle MS
04:38 I believe God provides ways for our bodies to heal
04:08 Family pillar
05:54 Business pillar
06:29 What's ahead for The Giant Builders?
06:46 Upcoming books on email marketing and creating your own podcast

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