The Giant Builders
How to Say No and Set Boundaries
July 20, 2023
Suzanne Culberg is an author and coach who helps over-givers and people pleasers learn to set boundaries and say 'No' in a way that feels good.
Suzanne’s passion for helping women is fueled by her own experiences of over-giving, over-consuming, and over-doing everything. She’s on a mission to not only help women set boundaries for themselves but also to make boundaries normal. We should be saying ‘No’ more often.
Suzanne is known for her straight-talking and her wacky t-shirts.  She lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and 2 awesome children.

00:00 Introduction
02:40 How did you become a coach?
05:00 How do we define how to set our boundaries?
08:23 Is it better to say no with an explanation?
10:15 If it is a really good friend, what do you do?
12:17 What creates us to be overdoers?
15:17 What needs to happen to us to give us the courage to say no?
20:06 What does a first meeting look like?
23:08 Closing Thoughts

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