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Empowering Business Growth: Insights from a Sales & Visibility Coach
May 28, 2024
Join us for an insightful episode of "The Giant Builders" as we sit down with Cienna Kopischke, a seasoned sales and visibility coach, military spouse, and dedicated mother. Throughout the conversation, Cienna shares invaluable wisdom on how to amplify business revenue by understanding the intricate dynamics of market positioning. With a wealth of experience and a passion for helping entrepreneurs thrive, Cienna delves into her approach to coaching, offering practical advice tailored to individual business needs
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From dissecting the nuances of authentic sales strategies to deciphering the essential pillars of business growth, Cienna provides actionable insights that resonate with both seasoned entrepreneurs and those just starting their journey. Drawing from her background in advertising and communication, she emphasizes the importance of mindset, visibility, and strategic marketing in fostering sustainable business success.

Moreover, Cienna opens up about her own journey as a working mother, sharing invaluable tips on balancing family commitments with entrepreneurial pursuits. Her candid reflections on carving out dedicated time for both family and business underscore the significance of prioritizing personal well-being amidst professional endeavors.
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