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Creating Mental Health Discussions Through Play, At Work
January 12, 2023
People know Robert as a Subject Matter Expert on Positive Workplace Mental Health and as a skilled, high-energy Facilitator of Play! “Play...and feel good about playing. Play is permission for a time out from an all-too-crazy world of work to re-generate and re-build energy. And re-energize to complete the next big task. After all, isn't it really all about smiles on everyone's faces at the end of the work day?” Video Option:
As an avid Mental Health Champion, I also want people to know that being a man, I've had to learn and get comfortable with the simple act of talking about my depression and anxiety and reaching out for help. My goal? To be a role model for men everywhere who need to get comfortable with talking about their daily mental health challenges in order to get the help and support they need.

My message to business leaders is simple. “Business Leaders! Step Up! Embrace the value of Fun At Work & Building A Culture Of Highly Engaged And Happy Teams! Look. No one person is immune to the daily mental health challenges that we continue to face. We all need to prioritize our daily mental health both in work and in life by engaging one another in meaningful conversations and then taking action together as a Team!”

00:00 Powerful Play Experiences
02:50 Mental Health is important at work as well
04:00 Living with and managing depression and anxiety
04:38 What does peace of mind mean?
06:24 What is the thought of breaking the ice of mental health by playing?
08:55 What might mental illness look like?
12:10 What is our responsibility in the conversation of mental health?
13:20 The play base workshops are to build the relationship amongst each other to feel more comfortable about conversations about mental health
14:00 What is the difference between mental health and mental illness?
15:15 How is your mental health?
15:42 How is your brain health?
17:25 How is your mental health optimism?
21:25 Bringing awareness and creating the discussion about mental health
22:57 Those with mental health issues matters and there are folks out there to show that they care.

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