The Giant Builders
Staying Positive: A Spiritual Perspective
November 7, 2023
In this episode of Giant Builders with Lois Wyant, we delve into the art of staying positive, drawing inspiration from a series of sermons conducted at Lois' church. We often find ourselves caught up in a complaining society, griping about various aspects of life from the weather to traffic, but it's essential to break free from this negativity. By practicing gratitude, we can shift our focus towards recognizing the gifts that God bestows upon us daily, fostering a happier life for ourselves and those around us.
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Another vital aspect of staying positive is being encouraging. Not only should we encourage others daily, but we also need to encourage ourselves. Embracing the belief that we are special children of God and acknowledging His love and protection can create an atmosphere of positivity in our lives. In the face of challenges, determination plays a key role. The story of Florence Chadwick's perseverance in swimming the English Channel emphasizes the importance of not giving up when we're on the brink of success.

Additionally, enthusiasm, which originates from "En Theos" (in God), encourages us to be filled with God's energy and change the environment around us. Confidence, grounded in God-confidence, helps us overcome challenges and reminds us that God is continually working in us. In a world fraught with difficulties, maintaining a positive attitude becomes even more critical. As we reflect God's love and strength, we can be pillars of support for those who need it.

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