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It’s Your Time to Step Into the Spotlight! The RED Carpet Connection
April 4, 2023
Nothing is more significant than having someone on your team that has your back! Imagine how good it feels to have someone you trust to assist you in collaborating JVs, creating supplemental products, setting up partnerships and sponsorships, managing your events and product launches, and more… That’s why You Want Andrea as Your Publicist! Video option:
Pulling back the curtains, what you may not know is that Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller left law enforcement to master a 30+ year successful practice as a relationship expert, international keynote speaker, author, and consultant. She has 2 PhDs, is a Master NLP Practitioner,  and holds over 10 certifications in major personal development areas to increase her clients’ potential. With a personal Rolodex of over 60,000 movers, shakers, and influencers, she has the connections that make dreams come true. She is referred to as “The DREAM MAKER” as she is an action taker to implement her clients’ dreams to come true higher than they ever dared to desire. However, after 20 years of amazing media exposure, interviews, and keynote stages, peers started asking her for her help in their businesses, and BOOM! Andrea found a new passion for helping others achieve their top successes utilizing her experience and success.

As a positive force of energy, Andrea whirls around in your sphere wearing many hats to make the right connections, devise the best solutions, and implement the smartest marketing ploys to increase your authority, credibility, and income in more ways than one! The ideas are limitless! That’s why she has been contracted by the best of the best having worked for the Gurus who have consulted, coached, and written presentations for well-known influencers like Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Joe Theisman,, Dean Graziosi, Kevin Harrington, and more.

00:00 The Dream Maker Introduction
01:30 Brainstorming
02:40 A first meeting
05:59 How to push people into the next step
07:39 How do we bring out a more positive self?
09:20 Keep Smiling Movement -
13:56 Red Carpet Connection -
16:23 How does Andrea stay organized?
22:02 Is there a job Andrea hasn't done?
25:16 Living life like a musical...
25:54 What can I do to add to your world
28:33 Andrea's favorite topic to present
31:27 Free gift

She has shared the stage with Sir Anthony Hopkins, Robert Allen, Jack Canfield, Jason Alexander, Frank Shankwitz (Make-A-Wish Foundation), Brian Tracy, Stedman Graham, Les Brown, Tom Ziglar, and even more...Her extensive background goes beyond traditional academia which includes a BA in Psychology, an MS in Public Health,  a Ph.D. (ABD) in Public Health Community Education and Promotion, and completing her 2nd Ph.D. in Entreprenology. She is trained and certified as a Neurolinguistic Practitioner as well as a 2x Certified Hypnotherapist who uses these tools to propel her clients’ business, publicity, books, social media, mindset, and funding! 

She oversees multiple radio shows including AMPlified on Voice America Influencers Channel with over 2.5 million listens. Additionally, she is a co-author on Cracking the Rich Code as a collaborative effort with Jim Britt (Tony Robbins’ mentor) and Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), the project is endorsed by Tony Robbins. She has interviewed influencers like Neil Patel (Kissmetrics), Bob Burg (The Go-Giver), Perry Marshall (80/20 Rule Author), Naveen Jain (Author Moonshots), William Paul Young (Author of The Shack), and more. 

Presently, she is on a mission as Executive Director to further the Keep Smiling movement, a 501(3)c, a mental and dental health organization that saves lives by inspiring SMILES (Society Merging International Leaders and Entrepreneurs for Social-Responsibility) to create a DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins) of HOPE(Hold On Pain Ends) to be resilient no matter the challenge. The organization strives to amplify people who inspire goodness and happiness in others. Over 10K people have been photographed with a Keep Smiling card including Elle McPherson, Quincy Jones, John Travolta, Matthew McConaughy, and more, and are showcased in photo journal books “Keep Smiling: Shift Happens” and on social media. Our modern-day ‘Who’s Who’ recognizes everyday people, celebrities, authors, speakers, athletes, and specialty groups for their contribution to our society. With Keep Smiling cards in 27+ languages, we desire to capture smiles all over the world to show the power of the universal language of a smile to create a DOSE of HOPE through SMILES to save lives and reduce suffering.

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