The Giant Builders
Empowering Transformation through Alignment
August 15, 2023
In this episode of Giant Builders, host Lori Hawkins delves into the topic of alignment and how it can impact various aspects of life, including work, family, health, and business. Joining her as a guest is an alignment alchemist and leadership sales coach, sharing insights on how to find one's truest self by surrendering to acceptance and doing inner work rather than seeking answers from external influences.
Lori emphasizes the importance of achieving harmony between emotions, thoughts, actions, and souls to attain true alignment. She discusses the challenges faced in today's fast-paced world, where external pressures often cloud one's path toward finding their calling. The conversation delves into the impact of guilt, societal expectations, and judgment, particularly affecting women as they strive to balance different aspects of life.

The discussion also touches on how to instill alignment in the younger generation, emphasizing the significance of open and honest conversations to guide children while allowing them the freedom to explore their passions.

Throughout the conversation, Lori and her guest share personal experiences, insights, and anecdotes to help listeners understand the essence of alignment and its role in achieving inner peace, joy, and purpose. The episode concludes with a reminder that alignment is about standing in love and being true to oneself, a journey of getting closer to one's calling and living authentically.

00:00 - Recap and the importance of setting boundaries
5:32 - Identifying and overcoming blocks to alignment
10:05 - The impact of guilt on alignment and personal growth
15:18 - Surrendering to the present moment and trusting life's path
20:03 - Nurturing intuition and aligning actions with desired outcomes
25:09 - The power of being present and authentic in all aspects of life
29:52 - Embracing joy and flowing with life's natural rhythm
34:16 - The significance of intuitive decision-making and alignment

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