The Giant Builders
Podcasting: Your Voice, Your Message, Your Impact
September 26, 2023
Have you ever considered starting your own podcast? In this engaging episode of "Giant Builders" hosted by Lois Wyant, you'll discover why there's no better time than now to take the leap into the world of podcasting. Lois, an experienced podcaster herself, delves into the multitude of advantages that come with podcasting, making a compelling case for why you should start your own. From niche audience reach to building authority and credibility, Lois sheds light on the transformative power of podcasting. Her own podcast, "The Giant Builders," serves as a testament to the endless possibilities this platform offers.
But Lois doesn't stop at mere encouragement; she's put together a comprehensive course titled "Simple Steps to Get Your Podcast Started" to ensure you have the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. Through this course, you'll learn how to define your podcast's niche, connect with the right guests, and navigate the technicalities of production. Lois's hands-on approach, informed by her own podcasting journey, provides invaluable insights and tips to help you sidestep common pitfalls.

So, if you're ready to amplify your voice, connect with a global audience, and potentially monetize your message, join Lois Wyant in this illuminating episode. Her passion for podcasting is contagious, and her course offers a clear roadmap for turning your podcasting dreams into reality. Don't miss out on this opportunity to embark on a podcasting adventure that could change your life and the lives of your future listeners. Start today, and become the podcasting trailblazer you were meant to be!

00:00 - Introduction and announcements regarding the Giant Builders podcast.
01:15 - Lois Wyant introduces the topic of podcasting and her reasons for starting a podcast.
03:38 - Discussion of the benefits of podcasting, including reaching a niche audience and building authority and credibility.
05:57 - Mention of the fun and ease of entry into podcasting, along with the opportunity to develop new skills.
08:00 - Highlighting the convenience of podcasts for consumers and the chance to establish a brand.
9:14 - Asking essential questions, such as the "why" and "what" of your podcast, to prepare for starting one.
12:00 - Discussing finding and making connections with podcast guests and the importance of organization.
13:05 - Mentioning the overwhelming nature of social media in podcasting and strategies for simplifying it.
13:49 - Discussing ways to monetize podcasts and encourage promotion to speakers or the audience.

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