The Giant Builders
No Regrets Caregiving: A Guide to Supporting Aging Parents
February 27, 2024
In the latest episode of "Giant Builders with Lois Wyant," our guest, Raina Nes, introduces a transformative perspective on caring for aging parents. Titled "Walking Them Home," Raina shares her expertise as a certified coach specializing in supporting Christian women navigating the challenges of caring for their elderly parents. In this enlightening conversation, Raina draws from her personal experience as a farmwife and caregiver to her parents, offering valuable insights and practical advice.
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The podcast delves into the complexities of the aging process, addressing the pivotal moments when individuals typically seek guidance in caring for their aging parents. Raina shares her unique journey, having been thrust into a caregiving role at the age of 16 when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Her father's subsequent battle with the same disease further shaped her perspective on the caregiving experience.

Listeners will gain valuable tips on initiating conversations with aging parents about their wishes, managing the logistical and emotional aspects of caregiving, and navigating transitions such as moving a loved one into a care facility. Raina emphasizes the importance of building a support network and understanding the unique challenges of dementia, offering practical advice on making informed decisions during difficult times.

Raina's book, "No Regrets: Hope for Your Caregiving Season," is also highlighted, providing additional insights into self-care practices for those in caregiving roles. The podcast serves as a guide for anyone facing the intricate and emotionally challenging journey of caring for aging parents, offering a fresh perspective and practical wisdom to navigate this important season of life.