The Giant Builders
Unlock Success in Your Coaching Business: Expert Tips from Julie Ritchie
August 22, 2023
Join us for an empowering episode as Julie Ritchie shares invaluable insights on how to thrive in the coaching business. From cultivating a thriving spiritual, family, health, and business balance to creating a client-magnetic strategy, Julie's journey and expertise inspire confidence in every step of your entrepreneurial journey.
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Timestamps in the video:

00:00 Introduction
00:24 Julie's mission and background
01:56 Overcoming challenges and finding empowerment
03:45 Importance of simplification and strategic focus
06:10 Embracing a niche and understanding client creation
08:35 The power of working with a coach and systems
11:12 Personal empowerment and holding the bigger vision
14:02 Crafting a first meeting with Julie and how to connect
16:10 Encouragement to step into your business dream

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