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Time Management Through a Spiritual Lens
April 30, 2024
In this insightful episode, we delve into the complexities of time management, particularly in the context of busy seasons of life, with a seasoned guide, Lissa Figgins, who brings a refreshing perspective rooted in faith. Amidst the constant juggle of roles—whether it's being a spouse, parent, caregiver, or entrepreneur—Lissa reminds us that while we may desire control over our time, ultimately, it belongs to a higher power. Drawing from personal experience as a woman in midlife, a daughter of God, and a spouse to an army veteran, Lissa shares invaluable wisdom on how to shift from mere busyness to faithful fruitfulness.
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Using the analogy of tending to roots to yield fruitful outcomes, [Speaker's Name] emphasizes the importance of cultivating a heart posture rooted in faith. Rather than chasing after time and falling into the trap of multitasking, Lissa encourages us to ask deeper questions about the purpose behind our actions and the stewardship of the time we've been given. Through a practical framework called the "Steer Belief Map," she guides us in realigning our beliefs about time and its management, helping us prioritize tasks and commitments based on their significance and impact.

Throughout the episode, listeners are invited to reconsider their approach to time management, moving away from the societal pressures of constant productivity and towards a more intentional, God-centered perspective. By embracing routines, rhythms, and the principle of "2 plus 3" time blocking—focusing on refills and pour-outs—Lissa offers a transformative roadmap for navigating life's complexities with grace and purpose. With each passing moment seen as a gift from above, we're reminded that in God's time, there's an abundance of opportunity for growth, productivity, and joy.
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