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Steps to Help Teens With Body Image - Dr. Noha Polack
December 8, 2022
Parents and other influential adults offer our children body image issues. Video Option:
What are positive things to focus on as a parent or concerned adult when speaking to a pre-teen or teen?

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00:00  Encourage Teens and Preteens for healthy living
00:49 How did Dr. Polack get into pediatrics?
01:18 Challenging age range for children
02:03 Teenage body image
02:15 How parents can talk about body image
03:17 If you see that your child is struggling when they look in the morrow
04:10 Allow your child to come to you.
05:20 change the conversation from a weight conversation to being healthy
06:19 What is the process to help them be healthier?
07:03 Make changes in the habits
08:18 Making it a family adventure
10:17 Creating family time to move
11:30 Importance of sleep
13:30 The importance of not shaming your teen
15:03 Bullying of a child
16:27 Being your child's protector

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