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Fascinate Assessment, What Can It Tell You?
June 29, 2023
As a 19-year WFH creative b2b strategist, Lori Blatt helps people/companies build their brand, voice and marketing through a process that uncovers what makes them different and fascinating.
Sustainable success and happiness come from living in sync with your innate Meraki Blueprint.
- I AM passionate about Creativity, Branding, Reiki, Dogs, and Margaritas :-)
- Learning what makes you fascinating changes everything and opens doors.
- Reiki and meditation are not woo. They are tools that work.
- Not happy with what happening around you. Stop blaming external factors. Look within.
- Reading opens your mind
- Love what you do as you work towards doing what you love
- Profit First - This concept has been a lifesaver!

Lori's statement:
I am a creative soul living in an analytical mind, resulting in a holistic balance of marketing principles, provocative questions, engaging design and well-crafted words. What makes me different is the ability to see the BIG picture in creative new ways and the design prowess to connect the dots for detailed execution. I love using these gifts to help my clients weave their passion and energy into a personal brand. Once connected to what makes them unique, they can break out of the commodity trap and truly stand out in a noisy world.

I am a brand builder, marketing maven, content creator, Reiki Practitioner, host of the Black Bear Chalet, mom of three boys, wife, dog lover, tiny house enthusiast, margarita connoisseur, and old soul (the order varies daily).

00:00 Introduction, what is Fascinate assessment
06:12 How is this different from other tests?
07:03 What do I do with the information from the test?
10:08 Is this good information to put teams to work together?
12:00 Review of my chart and deeper understanding of the components
2:20 Closing thoughts.

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