The Giant Builders
Path to Empowering Women
June 18, 2024
In this enlightening episode of The Giant Builders, Lois Wyant sits down with Pamela Ballew, a successful business owner from Waco, Texas, who is transitioning from entrepreneurship to a life dedicated to ministry and public speaking. Pamela's journey is marked by resilience, faith, and a deep desire to follow the path God has set for her. Despite facing numerous challenges, including a difficult upbringing and significant career changes, Pamela has found strength and direction in her faith.
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Pamela shares her experiences of running a custom t-shirt business and the decision to sell it, driven by a calling to write a book and engage in women's ministry. She recounts her diverse background, from working in various locations across the United States to owning multiple businesses, and how these experiences have shaped her outlook and mission. Her story is a testament to the power of faith and the importance of listening to one's inner voice and divine guidance.

Throughout the episode, Pamela offers insights into her spiritual growth and the pivotal moments that have led her to her current path. She discusses the importance of leaning on God, recognizing His presence in our lives, and being obedient to His calling. Listeners will be inspired by Pamela's unwavering faith, her dedication to helping others, and her commitment to fulfilling her divine purpose.

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