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Tips to Attend College Debt Free
March 23, 2023
Denise coaches parents of middle school, high school, and college kids, on how to put their kids through college debt free. Video option:
How to Build Your Teen's High School Experience that Colleges will Pay For!
Denise is a TEDx speaker, international best-selling author, and coach to parents of college-bound teens.  She inspires, educates, and equips parents to take an active role in supporting their children to live a life of financial freedom. Using her Cracking the Code to Free College strategy, her mission is to ‘flip’ the student debt statistic in the U.S.

Denise attended college on the Pell Grant for low-income families. While in college she worked 3 jobs and still had to ‘lift' food from the college cafeteria to eat on the weekends. She didn’t want her kids to struggle like that.

Denise Thomas is a 20-year homeschool veteran and homeschooled her two children from Pre-k through high school. After a devastating bankruptcy and liquidation, Denise had to create a way for her two homeschooled children to pay for college and gain acceptance as homeschooled students. 7000 hours of research resulted in Denise’s proprietary repeatable strategy and her teens attended their first-choice college on 17 scholarships exceeding $199,000, walking out of college with cash in hand. Denise says you can keep your money. Send your kids
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to college on other people's cash!
00:00 Tips to Attend College Debt Free
01:15 Can you go to college without debt?
03:39 How do we choose a college?
08:48 Start with college with merit scholarships
09:20 Test optional colleges
12:42 Why do colleges offer scholarships?
13:32 What if my child doesn't have those scores?
14:33 Should my child start at a community college?
15:41 Attending community college while in high school
18:36 At what age should a family be thinking about scholarships?
22:52 Are there resources to find the scholarships?
25:27 Course: How to Find Scholarships
25:48 How hard are the applications for scholarships?
28:19 Do technical schools offer scholarships?
29:03 Counseling to help students know what would be a good career option for them.
30:24 How did you get into scholarship counseling?
39:33 How to do this?

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