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Life Beyond The Pandemic
January 5, 2023
Starting over is always a challenge, at best is difficult and at worst sometimes impossible and is now even more magnified with the advent of a pandemic. We all need, want and desire direction to pick our lives up and begin again. As we all are multifaceted as human beings so must our approach be multifaceted as well to begin our new journey. Video Option:
When starting over we just don’t want to be where we were we want to be in an even better place than where we once were in our lives. New situations, new problems, and a new way of life need new tools, methods, and techniques to get to a better place spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.
A new day-to-day reality needs to be created to deal with, manage, and thrive in the new realism of the post-pandemic world. From the spiritual to the practical each chapter offers valuable insights and life-changing tools, methods, and techniques to achieve a more prosperous life in all areas of our lives.

00:00 Life Beyond The Pandemic
01:50 Beginning steps
02:38 Determine life purpose
04:35 The effect on locally owned businesses, people wanting to make a difference
06:15 What is still to come from the pandemic?
08:02 More details about Life Beyond The Pandemic:
09:03 Coaching
09:57 I Didn't Get a Chance to Say Goodbye, Now What Can I Do?
10:37 First meeting
12:12 Confusion and undirected after COVID
13:23 Tips to start a new business
16:00 Spiritual pillar
17:50 Write Your Own Funeral Service
19:00 Four components; Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical

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