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Human Design Marketing
October 18, 2022
Using Human Design for Marketing Juliette Stapleton will be talking about this with reference to Human Design, so a lot of talk about personal energetics, how we interact with each other's auras, and how this reflects in the energies of your brand, even through your content, and how you are showing up online. Video Option:

00:00 Human Design Marketing
00:43 Why do business owners, not like marketing?
02:10 People work with people
02:38 Specialty is online visibility
03:30 Online industry is filled with too much information
04:10 Why does some marketing work for some and not for others?
05:03 Offering a tool to put more of your style in the marketing
06:00 Human design is the tool to use
07:01 How does a business owner create visibility that is easy?
08:06 Four energetic types are in Human Design
09:01 Generator business owners
09:20 Projectors have a vision
11:50 Manifester, are here it ignites the rest
12:46 Reflectors are the fourth human design
14:15 We can sample other people's energies, but if that is not us it will make it harder
14:47 Find the type of your human design
15:05 Need your birth date, lime and place
16:00 Take what might seem like a disadvantage and make it an advantage as part of you
16:49 Human design will reflect how you approach marketing and which marketing channels are best for you
19:36 What makes our brand magnetic? The lines of Human design:
30:27 Do people change lines, no they are personality
31:34 You can't change who you are, but you can find the beauty of who you are.
32:00 The steps to work with Juliette
33:00 Closing thoughts, trust your journey

My experience is 22 years of building online visibility for brands and businesses from a wide range of industries. Facebook organic marketing and personal branding are my specialties in marketing.
Human Design helps me discover (and guide clients) the specific energies that attract the correct people to us and angles that we can use in our content to employ those energies and become extremely magnetic and relevant to the people who we are here to help.
Yes, I am an online visibility strategist, I work with coaches and experts who want to establish strong positioning as an authority in their niche to attract clients. Facebook Organic Marketing + Marketing by Human Design are my specialties
Human Design and online visibility. Aligning your marketing with who you truly are and letting go of the FOMO and the noise of the marketing industry.
Juliette Stapleton is an online visibility strategist. She mentors coaches and experts using Human Design to re-align their marketing with their authentic selves. Juliette is internationally recognized for her direct, non-traditional marketing methods. She teaches how to show up online confidently, build strong positioning as an authority in your niche, and attract perfectly aligned clients and opportunities.

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