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The Benefits of Virtual Music Lessons
November 15, 2022
Emma Nottage is a private online/offline music tutor for all ages, a best-selling author, and an accredited NLP/Timelines/Life coach specializing in confidence coaching for mid-life women. Video Option:
Emma is passionate about how music can support and strengthen mental health and all the ways that it can enhance our learning, life and health.  She also shares tips to boost confidence and self-esteem. Emma is currently writing a non-fiction book all about music and wellbeing.

00:00 The Benefits of Virtual Music Lessons
00:40 I'm a real supporter of music for mental development
01:30  Emma's music adventure, starting before birth
03:22 What ways does music boost mental health?
06:25 Music affects our emotions and connects memories to music
07:44 Does music build up your self-confidence?
11:36 Stories of success through music
15:30 Combining music teaching and coaching
17:15 Online teaching
19:03 Writing a book
20:05 More online desires to educate people more about music
21:15 The book will be Music and Wellbeing
22:19 Contact
23:00 Age limits to music, It's never too late until it's too late

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Website:  Musical Diamond

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