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Setting Healthy Boundaries Influenced by The 12 Step Program
July 6, 2023
Barb Nangle is a boundaries coach, speaker, writer and the Founder and CEO of Higher Power Coaching and Consulting, LLC, and host of the podcast, "Fragmented to Whole: Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery." Video option:
In 2015 at the age of 52, after decades of therapy and tons of self-help work in a variety of areas, Barb found herself in 12-step recovery. She’s been in two such fellowships since then and has changed deeply and profoundly as a result. As a former addict and people-pleasing rescuer, she empowers people to live their lives on purpose by coaching them to build boundary systems in their personal and professional lives. She specializes in working with organizations in the helping professions such as teachers and non-profit workers, as well as women entrepreneurs.

00:00 Introduction
01:42 What is a codependent?
03:58 Her podcast 'Fragmented to Whole Life Lessons From 12-Step Recovery'
05:19 Which of the 12 steps made a big change for you?
08:45 Typical person to join Barb's program
11:54 Boundaries for women business owners
13:18 A typical boundary that most women need to set
15:57 What do you need to do first?
18:47 What does a first meeting look like?
20:04 Details about podcast topics
26:05 Closing Thoughts

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