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Steps to Take To Work Anywhere In The World
February 23, 2023
Sherri is passionate about service-based entrepreneurs, particularly women, being able to build a business that allows them to share their gift and do it in a way that allows them to have the freedom and flexibility to live their bucket list now...and take their business with them. Video option:
Sherri wants to help business owners to get out of the feast or famine cycle of getting clients and finally have a consistent flow of high-quality leads that they can turn into collaborations, referrals, and new clients.

Sherri partners with service-based entrepreneurs to attract high-quality leads they can turn into high-paying clients…all while they live the life of freedom and flexibility they crave.

Sherri is living her bucket list now, having sold her home and most of her possessions to travel the world, taking her Coaching/Consulting business with her. And she’s never looked back!

Leveraging her step-by-step Freedom Finder Formula, Sherri’s clients create a customized plan to build a business around the lifestyle they want to create and the income it will take to support it.

She is living proof that you can build a business that allows you to work WHEN you want, from WHERE you want, with clients you LOVE.

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00:00 Steps to Take To Work Anywhere In The World
01:28 How did you get started as an entrepreneur?
02:27 Knock upside the head moment
04:33 Defining service base business
05:09 Where to start for a bucket list business
06:03 What stops an entrepreneur from building a business and living their bucket list?
08:11 Keys to ending a feast or famine list of clients?
11:39 Favorite lead-gathering system
12:55 How do you decide where you are going to travel next?
19:20 Free gift
20:45 People need to know your gift that will help them

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