The Giant Builders
Fran Garton, Pain Reduction Coach, Personal Trainer and Fibromyalgia Warrior
September 6, 2022
Fran Garton, Pain Reduction Coach, Personal Trainer, and Fibromyalgia Warrior. Fran Garton, speaker, writer, Personal Trainer, Pain Reduction Coach, and Fibromyalgia Warrior, teaches people to live pain-free. Her passion is advocating for inclusive movement practices, body acceptance, and learning to love movement. She enjoys volunteering with donkeys, playing with kittens, cross-stitching, and having dance parties. Meet Fran + get ready to end your pain forever
Living pain-free, stress reduction, setting boundaries, body acceptance, and self-love

Inflammation causes pain, but we can control our inflammation. Fibromyalgia or other chronic conditions aren't the end of living your best life. They are just not the opportunity to learn new ways of thriving.

Strategies to reduce pain, increase mobility, move in ways that honor your body, and stop living in the past.