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Choosing Faith Over Challenges: A Journey of Recovery and Adoption
January 2, 2024
This episode features a guest, Lori Vober, who shares her remarkable journey of resilience, faith, and transformation after surviving a massive stroke at the age of 29. The host expresses deep admiration for Lori's ability to lean on God throughout her challenges and highlights the impact of her story on spirituality, family, health, and business.
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Lori begins by recounting her corporate background in sales, marketing, and customer support at an airline before the life-altering stroke. She narrates the events leading up to the stroke, her initial recovery, and the subsequent adoption of three children. The conversation touches upon vulnerability, the importance of support systems, and the challenges of parenting.

The host commends Lori's strength and labels her a "giant" in overcoming adversity. They discuss the significance of choices in navigating life's challenges, emphasizing the power individuals have in their reactions and decisions. Lori's journey is described as a testament to the transformative impact of faith, perseverance, and embracing vulnerability.

The episode delves into the themes of personal growth, finding purpose in hardships, and the ongoing process of healing. Lori offers insights into her emotional and physical recovery, providing inspiration for listeners facing their own challenges. The host announces the sponsorship of the episode, showcasing a skincare product and expressing excitement about future plans, including branded merchandise.

Overall, the episode offers a powerful narrative of faith, choice, and resilience, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journeys and the role of spirituality in overcoming life's obstacles. Lori's story serves as a source of encouragement and motivation for those grappling with difficulties, reminding them of the transformative potential within their choices and their connection with a higher power.
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01:25 - Introduction of the sponsor and a brief pause for sponsorship details.
02:13 - Lori starts sharing her background and the beginning of her journey, including surviving a stroke at age 29.
03:44 - Lori talks about her adoption journey and the challenges she faced post-stroke.
04:58 - Reflecting on the importance of vulnerability and learning from challenges.
05:56 - Lori discusses her traits of perseverance and a positive attitude.
07:04 - Describing the events leading up to her stroke and the subsequent emergency brain surgery.
08:13 - Moving to Arizona for a new job opportunity and the positive impact on her recovery.
09:06 - Lori discusses the different types of strokes and the specifics of her condition.
10:18 - Waking up from a coma, completely paralyzed on the left side.
11:04 - Lori emphasizes the importance of perspective and choice in facing challenges.
12:31 - Lori talks about her intensive stroke recovery efforts in Arizona.
13:55 - Adoption journey and the blessings and challenges it brought to Lori's life.
16:32 - The importance of seeking support, including professional help and joining support groups.
17:42 - Lori introduces her upcoming blog for adoption and stroke support.
18:41 - Lori shares her experience with getting a service dog for additional support.
20:04 - Reflecting on parenting with realistic expectations and addressing mom guilt.
21:05 - Introduction of Lori's book, "Choices," and the significance of the title.
25:09 - The focus on choices and the control individuals have over their reactions to circumstances.
26:33 - Encouraging others to visit Lori's website, subscribe to her newsletter, and providing a complimentary gift.
29:02 - Lori's closing thoughts on social media, instant gratification, and the importance of turning to God.

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