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Book Review: New Rules of Marketing & PR
November 16, 2021
This is a book review of New Rules of Marketing & PR Book Review. An excellent book.
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Okay, giant builders, today is a book review today, in which case we're going to look at "The New Rules of Marketing and PR."  

I really liked this book, I was a little concerned because there are just so many things happening and so many things are changing and so I wanted to share with you some notes and there's also a great diagram to share as well. 

With my notes, one of the things I like a lot is it says to think of social media as a cocktail party. At a cocktail party, you would kind of mingle around, get to know people find out what they do or where they're from, and just kind of create conversation, creating a relationship with them, and then maybe that conversation will lead to what do you do for work or maybe exchange business cards or something of that nature. 

So don't go into social media and just for the purpose of making a sale. Create those relationships. I liked how it talked about a worldwide rave and this is something that everyone wants to share. So you've seen those, videos or cute little picture clips that get millions of shares and so some tips on rules of a worldwide rave to keep in mind would include; you are the only one who cares about your product, it doesn't require a discount, be involved with the community and you need a trigger to get people to share. So it has to be something that's valuable or interesting or funny. How can you take something in your industry, your product, and make it valuable, interesting, or funny that people want to share that? So that's something to think through the process. It had a section where shared ways to get information out there and we all know this, but I always think it's good to review. 

Go back to the basics, blogs, audio, video, photo chats or graphs, slide presentations like slide share long-form of written content, research and survey reports, email newsletters. But your email newsletters had a really specific area on focus on solving their problems, not just on selling products, but focus on solving their problems. 

Webinars, e-books, and white papers and went through whole information about making your ebooks, something that people want to get because you're solving again a problem or you're giving out information. That's how you're getting their information to continue building your email list so that you can continue reaching out to them. It had a section on tips for creating thoughtful content. So right to answer questions and solve problems. In which case, there are a couple of websites on there and I'll put the links below, but you can actually put in a topic and it will give you a list of questions that people are asking. One of them is "Answer the Public",  but I will look and leave a link below and what the other one is, decide if your content is free or registered for. So I went through a whole detail about the fact that if your content is free, you're gonna have a lot more people getting the content. If you request that they register, it's like they have to give their name and their email, you'll have fewer people getting that information. So you need to decide if your information is strong enough in the free content. That will make people respond or make people do what you want them to do or is it information that's a little bit weak and you definitely need to follow up, I don't wanna say weak, but maybe it's not as strong. 

And so you really in order for you to follow up, you want to make sure you get their email. 

Use examples and stories, use attention-grabbing titles and subtitles, and then promote the content like crazy some interesting information on optimizing your social media to target a specific audience. And I think that's the hardest one. I've always struggled with that as far as narrowing down your specific avatar when my husband and I were photographing a lot of weddings, we knew our specific bride, we obviously spoke to the bride's was between the age of 25 to 35, a professional and this is the first marriage that that was our perfect bride. Now that I'm working more in marketing, it's really harder to narrow down those people. It's harder to with the one company I know it's specific niche business owners, male and probably between the age of 30 and 45. But it's just really hard to narrow those down. But I realized that I understand the importance of narrowing that down because it gives you more detail and more areas to target. 

Share below what is your perfect avatar? What niche do you have how do you narrow down your specific target audience, create thoughtful content, be authentic and transparent and create a lot of links, encourage people to contact you to participate? Make it easy to find you and experiment. So which of those do you feel like you need to work on in the idea of sharing? 

It gave these three tips to focus on what you're giving away rather than the product you are sharing. Don't hold anything back and people love to share. As long as you give them something that's worth sharing. 

Also had a whole detailed area on news releases. So find reasons to send them out all the time. Don't wait for a specific big award or something that looked for ways of sitting out news releases all the time. And I do believe that news releases are very helpful and we have some different areas that we build upon our news releases for clients. And I do think that is a really good way not only to get your information out there, but also get the backlinks that you need to promote those items right to appeal directly to your buyers. Include offers, links to landing pages, link to content on your website, and share your news releases on social media and then some ideas for news releases may be a new take on an old problem. So maybe you have a new strategy that you're using on something that a lot of people are dealing with your serving a unique marketplace interesting information. Are you speaking at an event? Did you win an award? Do you have a new product? Did you win a new customer or are you publishing a white paper? Those are some great ideas on how to use news releases to be effective. 

Those are just a few basic pieces of information here. Let me tell you a little bit about the chart that I like. And one side is publishing information for your buyers. So it suggests using blogs, news websites, guest blogs, post testimonials, speaker bios, expert articles, industry partners, blog directories, news releases, affiliates, awards, galleries, infographics, events and read it streaming video and newsjacking on the other side to drive action if you're wanting them to if the goal is to purchase something to make sure that you have to make it easy to buy Upsell and continually reaching out to them if the information is to get their contact information, make sure you have a really easy contact us found to book an appointment, email us, make sure that you're easily easy to connect with. If you're wanting a connection with them, make sure you have a subscription to the email newsletter, a marketing funnel with an email, autoresponder webinars, and contact and connect to social media. If you're dealing with free downloads, make sure you have flagship content, ebook templates, slide share. And just so I really like how this shares really focused on these ideas and how they all connect together. So I really would love to find out which ones do you already use and what do you think you should be using? 

Again, the book is the new rules of marketing NPR it's by David Mermin Scott and I think it's definitely worth reading a great book. I really enjoyed it. Thought it had some really good use now information. So for those of you who share in the comments, then we're gonna have a free drawing for one of these books. I'm going to send it to you directly and if you are watching us on youtube, make sure to like us and subscribe so that we can make sure that you see next week's issue and if you're not a member of our giant builder's Facebook group, please look for us and join us. As a reminder, you get a free giant builder picture of themselves. So you just have to email us a picture. I will make a giant builder logo out of your picture. So thank you. And we'll see you next week.