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Plant-Based Nutrition
March 30, 2023
Biljana Hutchinson is a Plant-Based Nutrition Coach and her 12-week small group program is focused on lifestyle transformation through a focus on plant-based nutrition and developing meaningful self-care practices. Vide0 option:
Biljana is passionate about food, traveling, learning in all forms (formal and informal), and healing after trauma through creative outlets.

Biljana Hutchinson is a Plant-Based Nutrition Coach who examines our emotional relationship with food and teaches that health is so much more than simply eating well. Biljana’s signature coaching program Plant-Based Wellbeing integrates sustainable changes in nutrition and setting up meaningful self-care practices to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Her Membership, Plant-Based Wellbeing Club is a balanced blend of nutrition and self-care workshops, cooking demos and expert guest speakers.


00:00 The difference between plant-based and veganism
01:51 What type of vegetables are best for us?
02:32 What can we do to make vegetables to be more appealing?
06:13 Is there a nutritional decrease in frozen vegetables?
08:42 What are some of the top nutritional vegetables?
10:17 Emotional eating options
15:17 What would a first meeting look like?
18:09 What does your membership include?

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