The Giant Builders
The Heart of a Superhero: Faith's Journey of Kindness and Compassion
August 8, 2023
Join us for an inspiring and heartwarming interview with the youngest guest ever on the show! Meet Faith Abraham, a 6-year-old author who has already published three incredible books. In this episode of Giant Builders with Lois Wyant, Faith and her mom, Delisa Abraham, share their beautiful journey of writing and publishing these meaningful books.

Faith's writing adventure began at just three years old, inspired by her own experiences and a desire to spread kindness and compassion. Her first book, "Superhero Faith," showcases her belief in using her heart and kindness to help others. In "Doctor Faith," she ventures beyond her home to support her friends at school and her beloved pup, Sparkle. Her third book, still in progress, delves into the theme of feeling lonely and finding comfort in the support of loved ones.

Through this touching interview, you'll witness Faith's determination to share her important messages with the world. Delisa, her supportive mother, shares insights into the writing process, how the books came to life, and the importance of building strong connections with our children.

Don't miss this heart-to-heart conversation and be prepared to be inspired by this incredible young author!

0:00 Introduction to the youngest guest ever on Giant Builders.
0:38 Delisa shares the backstory of Faith's writing journey.
4:00 The process of putting the books together.
8:50 Faith's books: "Superhero Faith," "Doctor Faith," and an upcoming book on astronauts.
10:20 Faith's connection with her dog, Sparkle.
11:30 Challenges and expenses in publishing.
13:36 Faith shares her inspiring message on kindness and compassion.
14:51 Faith's experience with bullying and her positive response.
17:34 Faith talks about autographing books and how she gets her ideas.
19:26 Faith's message to the listeners: Choose kindness over meanness.

Invisible hugs from Faith to all the listeners! Thank you for joining us on Giant Builders with Lois Wyant. Stay tuned for more heartwarming and inspiring episodes!

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