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Sales Tips from the Sales Warrior
December 20, 2022
With over 30 years of sales, Jon nows shares his wisdom to help build better sales people. Video option: Win a FREE copy of Jon's book, by leaving a comment below the YouTube Video
Sales Tips from the Sales Warrior with Jon Sales Warrior Sansone
Jon's Book:  Sales Warrior

00:00 Sales Tips from the Sales Warrior
00:50 Why Sales-warrior?
01:40 What has changed in sales over your 30-year carrier?
02:15 Favorite way to reach potential clients?
02:36 Soft sales tips
03:47 "Sales-warrior" book
04:27 Points to get people to open an email
06:14 Making yourself likable
07:03 All business owners are salespeople, to clients and those working for the business
08:07 Topics covered in the book
10:12 Confirm that you have what a customer is needing
12:32 Continuous contact
15:09 Benefits of writing a book
16:33 Jon's Podcast
17:50 What advice would you give to someone considering a career in sales?
20:13  Life motto: Life is short so make the most of the time you have on this earth

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