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Choose Your Future, Building Your Self Belief
March 7, 2023
Vanja focuses on building self-belief for her clients. Video Option:
Our mind limits us, we make decisions about problems based on what we think we can or can't handle. The way we interpret any situation is based on our own beliefs. We will step into our power or run away from it depending on if we believe we can handle it. I help women build up their self-belief so they experience the freedom to be themselves, the freedom to find their voice and use it.

Coming from a war-torn country as a refugee to Australia at 11 years old, she has experienced hardship, and abuse and had very limiting beliefs. She is now a counselor who helps others build on their own self-belief. She is an entrepreneur who wants to empower women that no matter what their past is, they get to choose their future. Her philosophy is understating yourself and healing your wounds will give you deep freedom, love, and abundance you never knew possible.

00:00 Choose Your Future
01:02 Experience of being a refugee
02:41 Help women build their self-belief
03:18 How do we handle all of the things in our past?
04:32 Where do we find the power to overcome our past?
06:19 What does a meeting look like?
07:27 How to find a community to surround us
08:32 How to pull up the power to change
11:17 What can we do to empower our children/ grandchildren?

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