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Getting Children Interested in Playing, Pickup Sports
April 11, 2023
Passionate about letting kids have fun! Specifically, when it comes to youth sports, our culture is shifting to where things are too organized and too “professional”? Pickup Sports aims to bring back free play, playing sports socially, learning the fundamentals and giving all kids an opportunity to play. Video Option:
Lakshmi Jayanthi is a mom of two young boys and the Founder of Pickup Sports. Pickup Sports was first launched as a subscription box to encourage kids ages 3-6 to try a new sport each month. Drawing on her own experience navigating youth sports with her boys, the company is set to launch a meetup app that will allow families to meet with other families locally for the purpose of play.

00:00  Lakshmi Jayanthi introduction
01:25 Pickup Sports
03:46 Sports that are included
06:30 What Lois likes most about the program
10:24 Benefits of the program

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