The Giant Builders
How To Find Your Authentic Self
August 3, 2023
Beth Koritz is a best-selling author, licensed professional counselor, and Intuitive Clarity Coach. Her passion is helping people create their dream life in alignment with their authentic Self & purposes.
After a lifetime of entrepreneurship, Beth came to her own realization that the checklist lifestyle she had been living wasn’t a true representation of her authentic self. At the age of 48, she did her own work to claim her purpose and break through the fears and excuses that were getting in her way. That’s when Beth went back to school and got her master’s degree in counseling. After years of serving hundreds of clients in her private counseling practice, Beth knew that she had to find a way to help support more people on a larger scale. That’s when the Authenticity Academy was born offering group and 1 on 1 clarity coaching.

Now Beth combines her expertise as a licensed therapist, certified in body-positive psychology, and thought field therapy with the insights she gained on her own personal journey, to help hundreds of people live a life in alignment with who they were meant to be

00:00 Introduction
01:19 What does authenticity mean?
02:12 What keeps people from being authentic?
02:36 How does one find their authenticity?
08:47 What is purpose?
09:49 What changes once someone understands their authenticity?
12:55 Authenticity after 40 or 50
17:30 What is body positive certified?
18:53 Closing thoughts

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