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Four Steps to Emotional Development
March 16, 2023
Emotional Development is the key to emotional resilience. The four-step method is getting out of your head, and into your heart, finding your deeper meaning and contributing back to the world from an authentic place. Video option:
Jason’s vision is to remove emotional abuse from the homes of 100,000 children by 2026 by implementing my programs into workplace cultures. 

Being a victim of workplace bullying at the age of 25 resulted in him attempting to take his own life. This low point in his life drove him to take ownership. Reclining his power.

Jason achieved a 35 kg weight loss and overcame depression, emotional abuse, anxiety, and physical ailments.

His mindset shifted in resilience through competing in marathons and triathlons. Learning the power of emotions and breaking conditioning through personal development.   He is now a game-changer at 47 years old in transformational journeys.

His Mission. “To support people in living their purpose with authenticity in the prevention of disease, divorce, addictions, and suicide.”

His vision is to remove emotional abuse from the homes of 100,000 children in Australia by 2026.

He believes every man, woman or child deserves to live their human potential and not fear their past.

Video option:

00:00 Ultimate changes from trying to commit suicide to helping others with a mindset
03:03 Why do you think there is a high mental health issue?
05:33 Why do we push aside emotional abuse?
06:46 A bigger problem with social media
07:09 The process to make children safe at home
08:24 Four steps to be more conscious and fulfilled in life
10:07 How do you create a relationship with yourself?
13:39 How to teach self-love to children.
15:40 Mental toughness or emotional intelligence
17:55 What would a first meeting look like?
18:24 When being bullied, is there a process to work through, or walk away?


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