The Giant Builders
The 13th Month: Unlocking Time and Abundance in Your Year
January 16, 2024
In this insightful and energetic episode of "The Giant Builder," host Lois Wyant engages with the dynamic Tiffany Kellogg, a seasoned entrepreneur and speaker, to explore invaluable ideas on business and life optimization. Tiffany, who made a pivotal shift from a 9-to-5 employee to a full-time entrepreneur in 2003, shares her wealth of experience in navigating the entrepreneurial world. Listeners are treated to a wealth of wisdom, including Tiffany's unique approach to time management—the Ivy Lee method. By prioritizing the top six tasks and making deliberate decisions the night before, Tiffany guides us on how to enhance productivity and achieve a sense of accomplishment every day.
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The conversation delves into Tiffany's fascinating book, "13 Months in a Year," where she introduces a transformative 13-week program designed to save 13 hours a week. By unlocking the secrets to reclaiming time, listeners can discover an extra month in their year, a concept rooted in intentional focus and productivity. Tiffany's emphasis on understanding our electronic devices' impact on time and her practical advice on managing notifications offer actionable steps for reclaiming control over our schedules. The episode also unfolds Tiffany's commitment to networking, referral marketing, and the significance of building meaningful relationships in business.

As the discussion unfolds, Tiffany shares tips for budding entrepreneurs, emphasizing the crucial role of priorities and the need for a focused approach. She advocates for the power of relationships in business growth, offering valuable insights into developing genuine connections within networking groups. The episode concludes with Tiffany's thoughts on achieving harmony, not balance, in the entrepreneurial journey—a perspective that challenges conventional notions and encourages a more holistic and sustainable approach to success. Join Lois and Tiffany for an episode brimming with practical strategies, profound insights, and a contagious passion for building a more abundant and harmonious life as an entrepreneur.