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See the Genius Within Yourself to Create a Competitive Advantage
July 13, 2023
Divya is committed to helping people move through the transformational journey of becoming influential leaders for the rest of their lives! As a thought leader, she is a regular contributor to prominent publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CEO World Magazine, Addicted to Success, and International Coaching News. Also, Divya has been a radio personality and host for the past five years on multiple platforms. Video option:
Divya helps people be on the cutting edge by helping them develop new skills and get recognized as trusted leaders.

Authority Positioning - Learning how to have an unfair advantage Life hacks - how can you be yourself and still become the trusted leader in the industry
Divya Parekh, a 10-time #1 bestselling author, business growth strategist, and motivational speaker, partners with high achieving business owners, experts on the rise, Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 leaders who are ready to play full out, experience the joy of impacting others, and expand their reach, business, and revenue. Together, they play to build power positioning and recession-proof business through simplifying, strategizing, and scaling the business. Divya and her team have helped 165 authors and counting to become #1 bestselling authors and garner six-figure opportunities.

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00:00 Introduction
02:25 Where do we search for this genius?
09:02 What are some competitive advantages?
10:58 What should we think about in our personal journey?
21:02 What does a first meeting look like?

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