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Healing From Sexual Abuse
January 26, 2023
From victim of sexual abuse trapped in her head, frozen in her emotions and fearing life, I became an embodied woman owning her wholeness, reclaiming her sovereignty and self-love and ready to support others in their healing journey. Video option:
When a teenage client started resisting the healing work Asherah was offering her, she completely broke down and stopped practicing. The teenager had shown her the abused teenager she had been and how much she was crying deep within.

That was 15 years ago, and Asherah questioned why she labeled herself a therapist. Her wounds were not healed enough to hold the space for other people’s healing journeys.

Life heard her cry for help in an unconventional way and showed her that, after more than 10 years of speech therapy and a deep lack of embodiment, it was time to heal in a sensual and spiritual way.

00:00 Helping women heal from sexual abuse in a holistic, sensual and spiritual way
03:00 What are some things we can do to bring happiness back into our lives?
12:58 Being in the presence and knowing ourself
14:46 A first meeting
16:55 Different practices to use
19:21 Chocolate therapy
24:25 Close the umbrella and feel the love
25:40 Gift:

My practice is also very much inspired by the teachings of Jesus in Aramaic.

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