The Giant Builders
Uncovering the Surprising Ways to Detox and What It Can Do For You!
May 30, 2023
As your friendly toxin slayer and integrative health practitioner, Melissa wants to know if you realize that the average North American spends the last 10 years of their life in a nursing home, not living longer, but dying slower at a cost of over $1 million and that only includes room and board!
When you dream of retirement is that what you dream of, or do you dream of travel, quality time with family and having the energy to live life exactly the way you want, because it’s FINALLY YOUR TIME?  Melissa offers the gift of health, which is critical for you to achieve any of this. 

She gives you the know-how, tools and customized support to release the physical, mental and emotional toxins that are bogging you down, causing “dis-ease” inside your body and stealing your longevity. It’s your choice to take control now, to live the life you dream of (and the added bonus of saving money and creating more time). 
Through this process, Melissa’s dedicated to helping her clients discover the root cause of their health issues and truly heal while detoxing their physical, mental and emotional bodies.  Melissa’s business is 100% virtual, and she works with the entire English-speaking world. 
Melissa also uses the power of functional medicine lab tests mailed to your home, while offering a very high level of support, to ensure her client’s success, as we navigate the path of bringing the physical, mental and emotional bodies back into balance while creating new lifestyle habits to ensure lasting results. 


]00:00 Introduction
03:15 What toxins do you work with first?
05:11 What is the process to clear out the toxins?
10:17 Metal testing for detox
15:53 Making some changes will keep us from being a statistic
16:39 Does this help items like arthritis and high cholesterol?
18:15 Take care of your body like your assets
19:10 What does the time between detoxications look like?
21:49 Start now live well program
30:21 Closing Thoughts

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