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Ayurveda, How Does It Help?
March 2, 2023
Kimberly helps women harness their body's potential to thrive using the oldest system of healing in the world - Ayurveda. Video Option:
When she first encountered Ayurveda in 2001, she was struggling with chronic health issues, convinced she would be dependent on Western medicine and prescription drugs for life.

With a few small, simple changes & a budding awareness of her body, she experienced tremendous healing and a sense of freedom and empowerment.

She committed to studying Ayurveda so that she could enable others to discover this kind of relief.

Since then she’s worked with tons of women to optimize their health.

Kimberly is an Ayurvedic educator, consultant and health coach.

She completed her initial Ayurvedic training with Dr. Vasant Lad at The Ayurvedic Institute. She went on to study Ayurvedic nutrition with Amadea Morningstar and hormonal health with Dr. Claudia Welch. She studies with several Ayurvedic doctors in India. She also has a background in Western herbalism and energy healing and is a certified yoga teacher.

Aside from seeing clients in private practice and offering workshops in my community, Kimberly spent five years running several online Ayurveda certification programs; overseeing the development, curriculum and implementation of the programs as well as teaching in them.

Kimberly plans to offer her online course Ayurveda Made Easy again this year. In this 3 month, self-paced course you’ll learn tools to optimize your health and wellness for life using the proven methods of Ayurveda. You’ll implement simple, self-care methods and make gradual shifts that unlock your vitality in ways your doctor would never consider.

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Video Option:
00:00 Ayurveda, How Does It Help?
02:22 What is Aryvida?
03:03 What is the process and practice include?
06:05 How many body types are there?
07:01 What does 'seasons' refer to?
10:00 Are there 'seasons' that are easier on our body?
11:38 Does it help with weight management?
13:33 Is the body types related in a family?
15:09 How to determine your body type.
16:30 What does a first meeting look like?
19:28 Is this like creating a new lifestyle?
20:15 Does this process help autoimmune disease?
21:13 Is this the body healing itself?
24:03 It is very helpful for pre-menopause.

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