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Standing in the Gap: Empowering Second Moms in the Adoptive Journey"
December 12, 2023
Embark on a transformative journey into the world of adoption with Dawn Baggett, a seasoned post-adoption coach from Alabama, as she shares her wealth of experience in parenting a rather large family of nine. Specializing in coaching what she fondly calls "second moms" – those navigating the complexities of adoptive parenthood – Da draws on her personal journey of adopting four children from Russia. In this insightful conversation with Lois Wyant on "Giant Builders," Da sheds light on the unique challenges faced by adoptive families, especially those dealing with language barriers, cultural integration, and the nuanced dynamics of raising children from diverse backgrounds.
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Dawn Baggett's expertise extends beyond conventional parenting as she delves into the intricacies of adopting children with a history of trauma, emphasizing the importance of support for adoptive moms. Through her coaching, she aims to stand in the gap for these second moms, offering guidance and understanding where conventional support may fall short. The conversation unfolds organically, touching on the emotional aspects of adoption, the impact on existing family members, and the critical role of ongoing support throughout different phases of the adoptive family's life.

Listeners are invited to join the Giant Builders community and explore Dawn Baggett's insights on adoption through her free Facebook group. As she addresses the unique challenges faced by second moms, Dawn Baggett's coaching provides a beacon of support for those traversing the often complex but immensely rewarding path of adoptive parenthood. Tune in to gain valuable tips on building a spiritually, emotionally, and culturally rich family while navigating the nuanced terrain of adoption.

00:00 Introduction and welcome to "Giant Builders" with Lois Wyant.

01:02 She shares her experience of adopting four children from Russia and highlights the challenges of language barriers and cultural integration.

08:02 The process of integrating adopted children into a new family, addressing language barriers, cultural preservation, and the impact on existing family members.

14:01 She shares personal experiences of managing behaviors, health issues, and the impact on family dynamics. Introduces the concept of the seven phases of the complex adoptive family life.

18:29  She assesses which phase of the adoptive family life they are in and tailors her support accordingly.

20:19 "Standing in the gap for second moms," explaining the gap as the space where adoptive moms seek support but often encounter dismissals or lack of understanding. She emphasizes the need for effective support tailored to the unique challenges faced by adoptive families.

26:29  The integration of adopted children into schools, including homeschooling and the challenges faced.

31:56 Free Facebook group for second moms interested in joining a supportive community.

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