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Some of the Biggest Fallout from COVID
May 9, 2023
Dr. Gloria Lee is a Psychologist, Clinical Director at Brentwood Counseling Centre in Vancouver, Canada, Amazon bestselling and award-winning Author, Professor in Counselling Psychology, Clinical Supervisor and Trainer for therapists and graduate students, sought-after speaker, consultant, and advocate for social justice and mental health. Video Option:
For almost 25 years, Dr. Lee has been an authority on relationships and personal development. She has worked with thousands of individuals, couples, families, and organizations in improving their relational and mental health. Dr. Lee is passionate about all things relationships and believes that healthy relationships contribute to healthy people (in mind, body, and spirit), and healthy societies.

Video Option:

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Relationship and development specialist
01:58 What will be some of the biggest fallouts from COVID?
04:35 Is there an age range that will be more affected by COVID?
08:49 What can we do now for people?
12:47 What is our new normal?
15:50 What are some things to do to prevent burnout?
20:23 What does a first meeting look like?


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