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Tips to Create a Webinar
January 24, 2023
How to run a profitable & successful Webinar - Webinar Growth Recipe. Video option:
Ritu helps coaches and business owners run a profitable & successful webinar without having any complicated funnel.

Ritu Raj Shandilya

"7 Ultimate Hacks to Reduce Webinar Loss"

00:00 Tips to Create a Webinar
01:08 The importance of webinars
02:16 Good time span for a webinar
02:46 The hardest part of setting up a webinar
03:03 Two types of audience
03:33 Important steps to set up a webinar
05:56 Webinars or evergreen webinars?
08:30 What are the first questions to answer before starting?
10:41 Planning steps
12:48 Build trust and relationship

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