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Living a Purposely Positive Life
February 2, 2023
Living a "Purposely Positive Life" We need to start living life ON purpose, and FOR a purpose. It is how we stay positive and leave a positive impact on the world. Video Option:
Tony Wechsler is a Speaker, Trainer and Coach who works with struggling professionals to start living life a life on their own terms, where every day is a Friday!

00:00 Tony Wechsler
00:39 Changing careers from Police investigator to coach
03:15 His favorite TV investigator
06:08 Creating a balanced life
08:04 A first meeting with Tony Weschler, get clear on what people want and what they don't want
11:12 How often is the meeting?
12:59 Podcast "Strive to Thrive"
17:50 Contact information
18:35 Free Ebook on, what to do when you have a wake-up moment - positive or negative
19:53 We all have a special gift and finding that gift makes us happy
23:10 We need to listen more
24:55 Tony's favorite social media
26:16 Education and information vs implementation
27:50 Tips to help procrastinators
31:07 Are you living your purposeful life?
Tony has worked for over 20 years as an investigator and trained hundreds of investigators in his career. He left that life in 2021 to become a full-time coach and business owner. He now teaches courses in many areas including negotiations, persuasion, and making the transition to becoming an entrepreneur.
Tony is a certified life coach and has completed several coaching programs including the Virtual Coach program with Eben Pagan, and several programs with Tony Robbins. He has also trained in NLP and is a life-long student of psychology and human behavior.
Outside of his passion for speaking, teaching, and coaching, Tony also hosts, “Strive to Thrive: The Purposely Positive Podcast,’ which is about bringing positive content into a somewhat negative world. He lives in Rochester, NY, has 2 children, and plays in several rock bands, including Retrospect along with his son, Sean.

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