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From Whining to Shining: The Transformational Impact of God's Word with Cherrilynn Bisbano
October 31, 2023
Cherrilynn Bisbano, in her guest appearance on "Giant Builders with Lois Wyant," shared her inspirational journey towards spiritual transformation and her book, "Shine Don't Whine," based on the Star Principle. Cherrilynn's remarkable story began when she found God over three decades ago, wrestling with self-hatred, perfectionism, and a history of abuse. However, her life took a transformative turn as she immersed herself in the Word of God, memorizing scripture, and experiencing the active change of her attitude, bringing her freedom, a deeper relationship with God, and spiritual growth.
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Cherrilynn's profound message revolves around four key principles that guide her life and her book:

  1. S - Seeing yourself as God sees you: This principle emphasizes understanding one's true identity in Christ and acknowledging the inherent worthiness every person has through faith.
  2. T - Transforming your mind with the Word of God: Encouraging readers to immerse themselves in scripture, allowing God's Word to renew their minds and hearts.
  3. A - Always pray: Cherrilynn emphasizes the importance of prayer as a powerful tool to communicate with God and deepen one's relationship with Him.
  4. R - Refined to shine: Acknowledging that life is filled with trials and tribulations but understanding that, with God's presence, one can endure and emerge stronger.

The conversation touched on various topics, including the importance of scripture memorization and offered practical advice for those who find it challenging. Cherrilynn recommends choosing verses that resonate personally and having them visible in your daily environment, whether in your home or on your digital devices. She also emphasized that memorization should be a matter of life and death, especially for emotional and spiritual well-being. The Word of God, combined with the Holy Spirit's presence, is the foundation for overcoming life's challenges and "killing giants."

Cherrilynn's journey is a testament to the power of faith and scripture, offering readers an opportunity for personal transformation and a deeper relationship with God. Her book, "Shine Don't Whine," is a valuable resource for individuals and groups seeking spiritual growth and self-discovery.

00:07, Cherrilynn talks about the importance of making a positive difference in your day, possibly by memorizing scripture.
01:25, Cherrilynn briefly shares her personal journey, highlighting how her life was impacted by self-hatred and perfectionism, but she found transformation through her faith and diligent study of the Bible.
04:00, Cherrilynn mentions the "star principle," which she discusses in her book "Shine Don't Whine." This principle includes:
S: Seeing yourself as God sees you.
T: Transforming your mind with the Word of God.
A: Always praying.
R: Refined to shine, addressing the question of why bad things happen to good people.
08:07, Cherrilynn talks about the importance of studying the Word of God and the significance of being in communion with the Holy Spirit.
11:56, Cherrilynn shares her current roles and responsibilities, including working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and coaching speakers and writers.
17:13, Cherrilynn shares her journey of forgiveness and reconciliation with her father, highlighting the power of prayer and love.
20:01, Cherrilynn introduces her book, "Shine Don't Whine," which is based on the "star principle."
25:54, Cherrilynn provides tips on how to memorize scripture, including choosing verses that are personally meaningful, writing them down, using sticky notes, recording yourself, and seeking a memorization partner.

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