The Giant Builders
Anxiety, What Does It Tell Our Body and Working Through Cancer
June 6, 2023
Sarah Falk Consulting: provides coaching and consulting toward healing anxiety.
Sarah enjoys speaking to groups but also does inpaulidual coaching. Her day job is as a mental health therapist specializing in, what else? Anxiety!
Anxiety is not our enemy and I wish everyone understood that. She has learned to heal her own anxiety and loves to teach others how to heal theirs as well!

00:00 Introduction
01:37 What are your takeaways from your cancer experiences?
04:17 What lessons do you share with your children?
05:49 Clinical Social Work, what did you do and where did it lead you?
07:53 How anxiety is impacting the body
08:20 What is anxiety?
10:47 What can we do with anxiety?
13:44 What does a first meeting look like?
17:06 The process of journaling/blogging through cancer
21:44 Closing Thoughts

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