The Giant Builders
Hearing Heroes: Promoting Awareness and Accessibility
June 25, 2024
In this insightful episode of The Giant Builders, host Lois Wyant sits down with Teresa Barnes, a registered nurse and advocate for the hearing-impaired community. Teresa shares eye-opening information about the challenges faced by the hearing-impaired population, emphasizing the importance of understanding and inclusion. With a background in emergency room management and personal experience with hearing loss, Teresa offers valuable advice for businesses and individuals alike.
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Teresa discusses the prevalence of hearing loss in America, noting that one in five Americans is affected. She explains the different types of hearing loss and the importance of regular hearing tests for everyone, not just those who suspect they have a problem. Teresa also introduces her book, "Be a Hearing Hero," which aims to educate people about hearing loss, its implications, and how to support those who are affected.

Throughout the episode, Teresa highlights practical strategies for communication and inclusion, such as the use of transparent masks in medical settings and providing meeting notes in advance for those with hearing difficulties. She also touches on the legal aspects of hearing impairment in the workplace, advocating for businesses to create hearing-friendly environments to improve productivity and employee well-being.
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