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Tips to Help Late Talkers
December 22, 2022
Marci is an intuitive speech pathologist. Her online platform has training and coaching resources to equip and empower parents of kids who are not talking... yet. Video option:
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01:10 Who are the best-spoken facilitators?
03:28 How to help parents use their intuition to help develop speech?
06:44 What to analyze about your child.
09:24 The disconnection time of COVID
10:15 What family members can do to help?
13:37 Reach and teach
17:43 Not to worry about physical disabilities
19:45 Is there a difference between boys and girls for late talking?
25:32 For kids with physiological concerns
23:15 Neuroactivity in developing speech
25:28 What type of conversations create speech?
36:29 Why do children repeat questions and what to do.

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