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How To Treat Yourself Well: Tips for Self-care from Co-dependency
November 17, 2022
Kathy Leckey, the author of My Self Care Sh*t: The Workbook, is a TEDx speaker, contributing author in the Standing O! book series, coach of "Healing From Codependency", entrepreneur, mother & more. Video option:
Having coached hundreds of classes focused on self-care, she realized the need for one place to keep all of the lists that make up who we are.

00:00 How To Treat Yourself Well: Tips for Self-care from Codependency
00:27 Author of "My Self Care Sh$!"
00:50 Future book "Healing from Co-Dependency"
01:41 Offers coaching and keynote speaking
02:35 What is co-dependency?
04:25 What is a step to break co-dependency?
06:14 Learn to be and realize
06:23 Using business as a distraction - a sign of co-dependency
08:05 The difference to take a day off or a vacation
08:30 What if a friend was co-dependent?
10:04 Different feelings when breaking a co-dependent structure
12;10 Do we learn co-dependency?
14:41 Understanding can break the cycle
15:05 How to talk to family about co-dependency
18:43 How did you get into co-dependency healing?
22:48 You might also like Stacy Collins presentation on Narcissism
23:07 Many that are in bad relationships are often co-dependent beliefs
23:36 The results of healing



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