The Giant Builders
Empowering Transformation: From Struggles to Growth with Engage Coaching Group
August 29, 2023
Aaron's journey involves his personal struggles, self-discovery, and how he developed a healthier relationship with his emotions, particularly anger. He also discusses how he shifted his perspective and started asking more productive questions to overcome challenges. The interview touches on various topics, including the impact of stress on individuals' careers and relationships, the role of gender in mental health support, and the importance of being there for someone in need without trying to "fix" them.
The conversation also delves into Aaron's book "Engage, Connect, Grow," which offers 52 lessons related to self-awareness, personal growth, and building meaningful connections. The book is structured into three sections: Engage, Connect, and Grow, each focusing on different aspects of personal development.

00:03: Introduction of the speaker and the topic.
01:02: Expression of appreciation for the audience and introduction of the guest, Aaron Soli.
03:11: Aaron introduces himself and explains how he founded Engage Coaching Group to help male professionals struggling with stress and mental wellness.
06:02: Aaron talks about his personal journey, struggles with depression, and how he started seeking help and self-improvement.
11:10: Aaron discusses his realization of asking a different question ("What is this for?") when facing challenges.
15:55: Aaron talks about changing his perspective on depression, recognizing it as anger turned inward, and the importance of having a healthy relationship with anger.
22:45: Aaron explains how he developed healthier coping strategies and began coaching others with similar challenges.
27:42: Aaron discusses his book "Engage, Connect, Grow" and how it contains 52 journaling lessons to help individuals and groups with personal growth.
31:22: Aaron emphasizes the importance of understanding individual preferences in communication, especially in stressful situations.
35:45: Aaron talks about the structure of his coaching sessions and how he helps clients with awareness, connection, and growth.
40:50: Aaron discusses the significance of having a support network and seeking help during personal growth journeys.
45:10: Aaron talks about his first meetings with clients, understanding their current situation, identifying their desired future state, and finding actionable steps.

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